Club Member Box

Club member VALUE box. These are great projects to do with your children while they are out of school. Every box is different. The photos are examples of what you will be getting in each group. You may receive different items than what is pictured. This is a great way to save money! You can choose to receive your box with or without paint. 

Ceramics are easy to paint for the beginner or professional and fun for any age group. Painting Ceramics is similar to coloring, except you use a paint brush instead of a crayon! Acrylic paints are most commonly used and available at most retail or craft stores. They are easy to use and easy to clean up, most paints clean up with water. All pieces have been fired and do not need to be fired in a kiln again they are ready to paint.

Local pick-up is available. Please call or message so we can have a box made for you. The pick-up option is not working.

River Craft Ceramics
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