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Duncan Clear Satin Glaze

River Craft Ceramics

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Clear translucent Satin Glaze 

Transfer the soft, elegant sheen of satin to your ceramic pieces with Satin Glazes.  These muted glazes work beautifully in conjunction with many other Duncan products, including Concepts, E-Z Strokes and Courtyard Art Glazes.  Satin Glazes move very little during firing, which makes them ideally suited for creative design work, majolica and controlled glazing techniques.

Manufacturer's Directions
Apply 2-3 smooth, even coats to shelf cone 04 bisque.  Fire to shelf cone 06.  Clean up with water.  Overglaze compatible.

Health and Safety
Safe for use on food containers when properly applied and fired to shelf cone 06.  Non-toxic.  Conforms to ASTM D-4236.  Always consult label before use.