Mayco OG803 Mother of Pearl Overglaze 0.5 oz.

River Craft Ceramics

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Mother-of-Pearl is a metallic compound that is applied as a final finish over fired glazes that are compatible with overglazes.  Mother-of-Pearl is a translucent overglaze with a lustrous iridescence, and creates an iridescent look when properly applied and fired. Its appearance is determined by the glaze that the overglaze is applied over (applied over gloss glaze = shiny overglaze; applied over matte glaze = dull overglaze).  For ease of application, each brush-on overglaze is tinted with its own special color. Mother-of-Pearl has a blue tint. Use Mayco’s White Handled OB-9011 1/4 Shader Mother-of-Pearl Brush.

This product is not suitable for use with food.

Mother of Pearl is an overglaze that needs to be applied after glazing the piece. So glaze the piece, fire, apply to the piece, and refire.