DISCONTINUED Mayco SG-501 Sculpting Medium

River Craft Ceramics

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Sculpting Medium is a dimension "glaze" that produces a white, raised surface.  A great use of Sculpting Medium is to add structured design elements to your work using stencils, lace and stamps.  Apply a stencil to your piece, brush Sculpting Medium over the stencil; let the Medium set up a bit and remove the stencil.  It has the viscosity of condensed milk and it can be brushed on or applied with a sponge.  Sculpting Medium can also be applied directly on bisque or ontop of an unfired glaze. The recommended application thickness is 1/16" to 1/8".  The fired finish can be coarse and have rough edges; a moistened fan brush or a layer of clear glaze (or a colored glaze) applied over will smooth these sharp edges.

Firing range is 05/06: it will not perform at higher temperatures.

  • Quick drying - design integrity is maximized
  • Non-toxic and food safe (may not be suitable for dinnerware due to surface characteristics)