5 Piece Designer Liner Brushes with Lids

River Craft Ceramics

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Art Sizes 7/9/14/20/25mm 

High Quality Liner Brushes - Selected high-quality fiber brushes, durable nylon hair works with  acrylic paint and glazes the liner nail brush is assembled with strong glue between fiber and alloy tubes, that is durable and can’t shedding from the brush stick to your nails.
Functional Art Brush Set - Stylish and practical design n art brushes comes in 5 lengths(7/9/14/20/25mm) , great for gingham, stripes, tartan, plaids and any  art design that requires heavy horizontal, vertical and diagonal line creation. Also a perfect tool for swirling and blending effects, filling in colors, drawing small details thanks to its pointy tips.
Convenient Design - The body of the art brush is light and comfortable, easy to hold and paint, Strong silver ferrules and metal handle tolerates acetone and nail polish remover, which pro-long the brush life. The brush come with a cap protects the brush bristles while also extending the handle for convenient use, making it ideal for travel.
Easy to Carry - art pen are easy to clean and can be used over and over again; and save space , these compact & light weight brush set.
Perfect Gift - This easy-to-use brush set can be a great gift for professional and beginner family DIY artists. It can also be given to your mother, sister or girlfriend as a variety of gifts.