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Royal Brush Artist Storage Case

River Craft Ceramics

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An art storage case designed to accommodate various art and crafting essentials. It's ideal for organizing brushes, art pencils, and other creative tools, offering convenience and portability for artists on the go. 

  1. Versatile Storage: This case is suitable for storing a wide range of art supplies, ensuring everything is neatly organized and easily accessible during creative sessions.
  2. Convenient Portability: With its compact and portable design, the case allows artists to carry their essentials wherever they go, whether it's to a studio, class, or outdoor location.
  3. Durable Construction: Crafted with quality materials, the case provides durability to protect delicate art supplies from damage while in transit or storage.
  4. Secure Closure: The case features a secure closure mechanism, such as a zipper or latch, to keep the contents safe and secure.
  5. Multiple Compartments: It may include compartments, pockets, or trays to keep different types of art supplies organized and prevent them from shifting or getting damaged during transport.
  6. Ideal for Artists: Whether you're a painter, sketch artist, or crafter, this storage case offers a convenient solution for keeping your essential tools organized and ready for use. 

Approximate Measurements

  • Box (closed): 21 x 12.5 x 12cm
  • Interior Tray: 9.5 x 19cm / 1.5cm Deep
  • Lower Box Compartment: 10 x 20cm (recommended for materials 4cm & under in height)
  • Box (closed): 8.3 x 5 x 4.73 In

    Interior Tray: 3.74 x 7.48 In / 0.59 In Deep

    Lower Box Compartment: 3.93 x 7.87 In (recommended for materials 1.57480315 In & under in height). Measurements in inches are not exact.