Assortment of 7 Dona Hues Antiquing Stain

River Craft Ceramics

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Dona's Hue's antiques are concentrated translucent stains and are oil-based. Use antiquing over base-coated pieces for dry brushing or over full-coverage stained pieces. They may be mixed for custom colors. This assortment is for 7 colors that are 1 oz. jars, Using the Wipe Away Solvent is recommended. However, not using it would give a different effect, and using a dry cloth or sponge to wipe away would give other results. Water is not recommended as it doesn't mix well with an oil-based product.

Colors in this set are
A-201 Golden Brown
A204 Black
A-226 Adobe Brown
A-212 Brownstone
A-215 Blue
A-216 Smoke
A-221 Beechnut