Mayco CC-102 White Crackle Classic Crackle

River Craft Ceramics

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General Use Classic Crackles are non-toxic, low fire glazes designed to create crackle patterns during the firing process. Perfect for home décor pieces. To highlight the cracks, after firing wipe an acrylic or ink over the ware and wipe off, allowing the ink to fill the cracks. Another glaze can also be used to fill in the cracks by wiping the desired glaze into the cracks with a clean rag and refiring to cone 06. Helpful Hints Design work on top of Classic Crackles will remain intact after firing as the crackle glaze does not move. If using a glaze underneath, use only 1-2 coats of glaze under to create the design; too much color may prevent the crackle from developing properly. Apply three coats of the crackle glaze and fire to shelf cone 06. Classic Crackles are all overglaze compatible. If you plan to highlight the crackle: handle the glazed ware with gloves or a clean rag to avoid getting dirt in the cracks. Oils from your hand can also prevent the antiquing color from filling in the cracks. While black inks and glaze are commonly chosen, you can chose any color to accent the cracks. Use of textural glazes on ware that is intended for food usage is discouraged even when the glaze has met all food safety criteria. Application Recommendations Shake well. Use a broad, soft brush to apply glaze. Apply three coats to properly fired shelf cone 04 bisque. Fire to shelf cone 06.