Mayco Jungle Gems Assortment Kit of 12 Glaze (4 oz.)

River Craft Ceramics

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Mayco’s Jungle Gems are gloss glaze bases with pieces of glass frit that melt during the firing process. As the crystals bloom, they produce dramatic, colorful effects. It's “Art in a Jar”. For mid-range fire artists, the crystal glazes maintain their color with increased crystal movement at the higher temperature. Reformulated, Jungle Gems join Crystalites in being non-toxic, safe for use by artists of all ages.

The Mayco Jungle Gems Kit contains 1 of each of the following dozen colors in 4 oz. jars:

  • CG-785 Royal Fantasy
  • CG-717 Pistachio
  • CG-718 Blue Caprice
  • CG-753 Sassy Orange
  • CG-756 Firecracker
  • CG-780 Mystic Jade
  • CG-798 Black Iris
  • CG-962 Blue Azure
  • CG-964 Kaleidescope
  • CG-965 Mocha Marble
  • CG-970 Masquerade
  • CG-974 Bloomin' Blue