Mayco NT-CLR-3 Clear One Dipping Glaze (3 gallon) **PICK UP IN STORE ONLY**

River Craft Ceramics

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  • Brand: Mayco
  • Item Code: MAYCO NT-CLR-3
  • UPC: 097539170991

NT-CLR balances the production needs of high volume ceramic studios with superior fired performance. NT-CLR dries quickly but stays open long enough to allow for drips and runs to be smoothed away with a fan brush. Higher levels of suspension agents slow down the glaze's tendency to settle, which means you'll need to remix less frequently. A lower coefficient of expansion (COE) improves NT-CLR's ability to withstand thermal shock and minimize crazing.

This glaze will fire to a smooth, crystal clear finish and has been lab tested to be compatible with leading color glaze lines. The bluish-green dye helps identify where glaze has been applied and guard against over application.