Mayco MM-103 Dark Bronze Metallic Magic Metallic Stain

River Craft Ceramics

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Create a metallic look and feel with Magic Metallics water-based acrylic stain from Mayco. Magic Metallics contain ground metal particles for exceptional results.

  • 8 oz. squeeze bottle
  • Can be applied to ceramic, glass, fabric, wood, paper, and Styrofoam
  • Contains actual ground metal particles
  • Can be oxidize for a rusted or patina look
  • Non-fired

Manufacturer's Directions

Shake well and Stir: Apply with a brush on any paintable surface. Use over dark undercoat colors for maximum brilliance. Apply two or three coats of dark Bronze Metallic color. To age the metallic, apply Magic Metallic Patina by brushing, sponging, or spritzing while the last coat is still wet. Seal with Magic Metallic Matte Sealer to stop the patina process. Clean up with water.