Duncan Acrylic Paint Kit 55 Colors

River Craft Ceramics

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The Duncan Opaque Stain Kit 1 contains mix of  55 colors in 2 oz. jars:

Colors may be substituted in kit if a color is sold out. 

  • OS431 White
    OS432 Ivory
    OS433 - Pale Yellow
    OS434 Lemon Peel
    OS435 Dark Yellow
    OS436 Gold
    OS438 Orange Peel
    OS439 Hot Orange
    OS440 - Burnt Orange
    OS441 - Cargo Pants
    OS443 Smoke Salmon
    OS444 Light Pink
    OS446 Shocking Pink
    OS449 Bright Red
    OS450 Lilac
    OS452 Purple
    OS455 Holly Red
    OS456 Baby Blue
    OS457 - Medium Blue
    OS460 Navy
    OS463 Medium Green
    OS464 - Bright Green
    OS465 Holly Green
    OS467 Light Brown
    OS468 Deep Turquoise
    OS469 Light Turquoise
    OS471 Medium Brown
    OS472 - Walnut
    OS473 Black Brown
    OS474 Grey
    OS475 - Charcoal
    OS476 Black
    OS480 Garnet Red
    OS481 Cinnamon
    OS483 Real Red
    OS485 - French Vanilla
    OS488 Christmas Green
    OS489 Saddle Brown
    OS491 Goldenrod - back in stock
    OS492 - Peach Fuzz
    OS500 - Snowcloud Grey
    OS503 - Barnyard Red
    OS541 Northern Blue
    OS556 Lemon Grass
    OS558 Miami Pink
    OS559 Azalea
    OS564 Pansy
    OS565 - Confederate Blue - name changed - Blue Denim Blue
    OS567 - Ash
    OS568 Fire Thorn
    OS569 Concord
    OS586 - Ultramarine