Fashenhues Translucents Set of 48 Colors

River Craft Ceramics

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Translucents are oil based, but wash with water, and should be able to wash nicely off of brushes.
Any translucent color may be used to antique. The following colors are most popular because they are neutral: S-2 Mocha, S-9 Gray, S-17 Black, S-28 Brown, S-23 Mediterranean, and S-35 Cocoa. .
You can also use multiple colors on different parts of your project. An example might be a piece where S-42 Morning Glory might be great for your sky, but with logs and/or rocks at the bottom, you may wish to use S-28 Black-Brown.
We also recommend using a stiff bristled brush. The firm bristles do a better job getting into the deep crevices of the pieces
Any of the translucent colors can be used to create your own custom colors.
S1 - Indian Flesh
S2 - Mocha
S3 - Cabbage Green
S4 - Jade
S5 - Blue Violet
S6 - Carmel
S7 - Blue Gray
S8 - Mint
S9 - Gray
S10 - White
S11 - Yellow
S12 - Orange
S13 - Flesh
S14 - Green
S15 - Red
S16 - Purple
S17 - Black
S18 - Brown
S19 - Blue
S20 - Red Brown
S21 - Mustard
S22 - Magenta
S23 - Mediterranean
S24 - Maroon
S25 - Periwinkle
S26 - Lime
S27 - Turquoise
S28 - Black Brown
S29 - Pumpkin
S30 - Burgundy
S31 - Fushcia
S32 - Royal Purple
S33 - Charcoal
S34 - Teal
S35 - Cocoa
S36 - Navy
S37 - Hunter Green
S38 - Rose
S39 - Golden Yellow
S40 - Sage
S41 - Sunset
S42 - Morning Glory
S43 - Canary Yellow
S44 - Blue Denim
S45 - Harvest Moon
S46 - Purple Mist
S47 - Black Currant
S48 - Cayenne Pepper

These paints are acrylic and do not need to be fired in a kiln once applied.