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Fashenhues Silver Powder

River Craft Ceramics

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If your goal is to add a touch of added sparkle to your life, this Fine Gold Powder is just what you need! Not only does it create a dazzling effect, but it also imparts a luxurious feel. Present your creations with a hint of golden glitz, and take your projects up a notch. Add some glamour and dazzle to the everyday!

Our Metallic Powders can be mixed with Gloss Glaze and applied by brush for an opaque metallic effect. 

A beautiful effect is to mix them with translucent colors for a subtle, shimmery look.  They can also be applied dry by dusting over a piece with a brush for highlighting.

To make a metallic antique, dip your brush in Antiquing Solution, then in powder, brush on.  Excess may be wiped with a cloth, then spray! This is meant to be mixed with Fashenhues Gloss Glaze. Non-fire only.