Gare Fun Strokes Underglaze Ceramic Paint Polar Bear 2300


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Fun Strokes are bright, vibrant, and versatile colors that can be applied light over dark. Paint on 1 coat for a translucent effect and 2-3 coats for opaque coverage. Colors drain completely from the bottle, so no waste of paint. 

Enhance your ceramic creations with Gare Fun Strokes Ceramic Underglaze Paint in the enchanting shade of Polar Bear 2300. Unleash your creativity with these vivid and dynamic colors that add a lively touch to your projects. Designed to offer versatility, Fun Strokes allow for effortless application over dark surfaces, creating stunning contrasts and captivating effects.

Achieve the perfect look with ease by applying a single coat for a delicate, translucent finish, or layer on 2-3 coats for a rich, opaque coverage that truly stands out. With Fun Strokes, every stroke counts – the colors flow smoothly from the bottle, ensuring minimal wastage and maximum efficiency in your artistic endeavors.

Whether you're a seasoned ceramic artist or a beginner exploring the world of pottery, Gare Fun Strokes Ceramic Underglaze Paint promises to elevate your creations with its radiant hues and user-friendly design. Let your imagination soar as you dive into a world of endless possibilities with these vibrant colors at your fingertips.