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Mayco SG-302 Snowfall

River Craft Ceramics

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Snowfall SG-302. 4 oz. jar.  Apply with brush pallette knife or squeegee to bisque.  Use for dimensional effects.  Fire to shelf cone 05/06.  Refrain from use on dinnerware due to surface characteristics.  Can be mixed with Stroke & Coat.  Cone 6 results: no change.


What recommendations do you have for using Snowfall with copper-based green glazes?

SG-302 Snowfall will boil when applied on top of FN-217 Evergreen Fire, FN-219 Lustre Green and FN-218 Green Sapphire due to the copper pigment. The fired Snowfall may also become tinted (“bluing”) as the copper leaches into the glaze. Apply 2-3 coats of any of the copper green glazes leaving the area for the SG-302 Snowfall with out the green glaze and butt the SG-202 Snowfall up to the glaze.

Can Snowfall be tinted?

To create colored snowfall, brush Stroke & Coat® or Foundations® glaze of choice over the white snowfall and fire.