Mayco Underglaze Kit of 12 Colors

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The Mayco Underglaze Kit 1 contains 1 of each of the following dozen colors in 2 oz. jars:

  • UG-1 Kings Blue
  • UG-21 Leaf Green
  • UG-31 Chocolate
  • UG-46 Bright Yellow
  • UG-50 Jet Black
  • UG-51 China White
  • UG-68 Apple Green
  • UG-87 Regal Purple
  • UG-97 Bright Blue
  • UG-204 Orange
  • UG-206 Fire Engine Red
  • UG-208 Dragon Red

About Mayco Underglazes

Mayco Underglazes have enhanced performance characteristics for broader firing range, applicability to surface and versatility in design. Use them with translucent gloss glazes, crystals and stoneware glazes for beautiful glaze combinations. Mayco Underglazes boast:

  •  Wide Firing Range: Colors maintain their vibrancy from cone 06 to cone 10.
  •  Body Compatibility: Apply to bisque or clay.
  • Versatility of Application: One coat for brush work and design; 3 coats for opacity.
  • Intermixable: Create your own colors by fully blending UG's.
  • One Step Glaze Firing: Mayco UG's and Mayco clear glazes can be co-fired, producing brilliant color and a gloss finish in just one glaze firing.
  • Non-toxic; food safe when clear glazed.