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Outhouse Bird House

River Craft Ceramics

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Measures 7" H x 3¾" W x 4" D

This piece will add some fun and humor to your painting studio selection, and after a clear glaze is applied and the piece is fired in your kiln, this piece is functional birdhouse you can mount inside as a decoration or outside for the local feathered friends!

Centered on top of the House is a small hole. This is an important aspect of the design, as the hole is where you will mount the birdhouse! Wire or string would work well, but a thick piece of twine knotted up and slipped through the opening creates a rustic look for this amusing ceramic piece!

 It’s simple enough that kids will have a great time painting and designing a house for their little friends! And this is small enough to be mounted around most any home, apartment, or retirement community!