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Gare Pottery Peacock Low Fire Crystal Glaze PINT

River Craft Ceramics

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Pottery Peacock, now available in a wide-mouth, pint size bottle and a new, easy to use formula! Simply shake the bottle well and work a long tool (like the handle of a brush) around the bottom of the bottle and throughout to disperse the crystals evenly, and start painting. The new formula allows for dispersed crystals throughout the bottle instead of having them on the bottom of a 4oz. jar. This makes the formula easy to use, no more pouring out the contents to access the crystals, and the same bottle can be used over and over until the glaze is used up. 

Pottery Peacock is a Reactive Glaze: meaning it has a beautiful two-toned look, flows well, and can be layered on top of other reactive or non-reactive glazes. It works nicely with Surface Coats and Magic Flow. You can use Fun Strokes on top for designs/ words, but they may come out fuzzy-looking after firing.