Small Lighted Christmas Tree

River Craft Ceramics

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Light up your tabletop this season with the Lighted Christmas Tree! This ceramic Christmas tree comes with a tree and attached base, light kit that includes base light bulb, colorful mini lights and yellow star tree topper. The tree base is attached so it is easier to paint, fire and use.
Try our Emerald Green Envision Glaze for a simple, yet beautiful finish for the Lighted Christmas Tree.

Before you fire this piece in the kiln, be sure to clean out the light holes! 


  • Please make sure the light bulb is screwed all the way in and fully seated in bulb socket.
  • To get your light clip to fit properly!
  • This tree has approximately 43 holes for Twist Lights and the Star.

Measures 9 ¼" H x 5 ¼" Dia.