Synthetic Sponge

River Craft Ceramics

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  • Ceramics Sponge (Diameter: 2.56 in/6.5 cm; Thickness: 1.0 in/2.54 cm) Best Quality Clay Sponges for Painting, Face Painting, Watercolor, Crafts, Pottery, and Clay.
  • ★Artist Sponges are made of Synthetic Material, Round shape with smooth and soft texture helps finishing clay smoothly, is gentle on faces for face painting, and absorbent well.
  • ★TIP - Craft Sponges are compressed to save space, will expand by rinsing in warm water or exposure to air after unpacking
  • ★For Kids - The Synthetic Sponges use good quality material with LATEX FREE. They are very suitable for kids to use
  • ★Artist Sponge Use with acrylics, oils, watercolors, fabric paints and dyes, you can create decorative faux finishes, sponge painting effects, stippling and staining. You can also use it for workspace cleanup and washing dishes