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Duncan OA901 Luster Essence Brush Cleaner (0.5 oz.)

River Craft Ceramics

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Luster Essence Brush Cleaner Removes overglaze from brushes. 1/2 oz. jar.


Don't let water and other solvents get the best of your projects! Capture the essence of good brush and tool hygiene with Essence — the must-have solution for cleaning all of your brushes and tools used with overglazes. 

Essence is the perfect accessory to working with Duncan overglazes; other cleaning agents may contain water or solvents, resulting in the separation of overglaze during subsequent applications. Use a separate bottle of Essence for each overglaze product.

How to use:

1. Swish overglaze brush in solvent until bristles are free of product. 
2. Wipe on paper towel.



Use a separate bottle of Essence for each overglaze product. Mark the bottles according to which overglaze product was used. Contamination can result if brushes and/or Essence used with one product come in contact with brushes and/or Essence used with another. For example, if you use Bright Gold and clean your brush in one bottle of Essence, then clean a brush used with Mother of Pearl in that same bottle of Essence, contamination will result and compromise all subsequent firings.